The colours on this are an absolute lie btw
It was just a sheet of dull grey and wet where the fog had risen off the river so I faked it with a lens filter kit. Photography is largely deception.

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@sophia Those are absolutely stunning, you outdid yourself!

@sophia I hope you're proud... Those are some stunning pictures! 👏

@sophia I guess the question was asked but what kind of photo gear do you use to do that?

@Xowap these were taken with a dslr with a vintage 28mm macro lens and lens filter kit, using a tan gradient colour filter

@sophia Thanks as always for the wonderful, brilliant photos. You're the best.

@Aznorth It was the same around here this morning. If only I wasn't almost always late to work... Morning is not my thing...


@sophia accurate. i tell people that i am better at photoshop than i am at photography.

@hatebunny even just in camera settings you can lie so so much. Knock down the exposure and shove a gradient tan filter on the lens and tada, warm cosy autumn dawn 👌🏻

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