I also got some fucking amazing pics of me in leathers yesterday but pretty much all are explicit so no posting. Might stick some crops up later or something, we'll see I guess.
I just want to take a moment to gloat about my photographic genius. 👌🏻

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I think I might stop answering questions about what camera I'm using. A kind of aged-grain from using shit old lenses aside, the only pics it makes a difference with is the birds, the rest it's inconsequential. The constant focus on equipment instead of understanding I have a good grasp of light and composition is frustrating. Some of my best photos this year were taken with a 3yo mobile phone. It's not the camera.

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@sophia "If I only get the same equipment as you I'd also take this good a set of pictures, don't gloat!"

Sigh, some people ..

@moritzheiber I keep getting accused of stealing my own photos, lmao
I guess the subtext is ' You can't be good enough to have taken these'

@sophia Yeah, it's probably a whole mixture of fragile masculinity, tech bro affection and hurt egos .. 🙄

@sophia You're so brilliant and seeing your work is such a joy.

@sophia I think the best analogy for that I've read is if someone came over to your house and you cooked them an amazing meal, and afterwards they said "That was delicious, you must have really good pots and pans!"

(Your photos are excellent btw!)

@sophia hey, i really like your toots. what keyboard do you use to type them?

@meatpuppet wow I really like your fashion sense, what wardrobe do you have

@sophia That has always been what has impressed me about your photography, you clearly have a great grasp of light and composition. I think short of using the fabled potato camera it wouldn't matter what you use. :flan_thumbs:

@sophia It truly is about having "the eye". I see that here. I definitely know the physics and the technical side more than my wife; but she has the eye. Her photos are orders of magnitude better, period.

Obviously, you've got "the eye" :)

@sophia I'm lichen it. (I apologize, these photos are great tho)

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