There's this one tree that has really got into the autumn spirit, while most remain dusky green. The sun hits it in the morning, it looks on fire °

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My bird and nature photos are all CC BY-SA-NC 2.0 - they can be used non-commercially with attribution (Sophia Grace or link to social media) but derivative works must be under the same license.

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I get a lot of support and love for my photography so the very least I can do is leave a lot of it open for the average person to use. I'm not necessarily against commercial use but need to be asked first

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@sophia This is kind and wise of you. Also, are you willing to share the password for your protected pics? I know you used to have it publicly available, but I can't seem to find it, and I'd understand if your policy changed.

@MoMartin I have, I'm not quite sure what I plan to do with them yet so just keeping it closed until I do

@sophia Fair enough. Either way, the available photos are gorgeous.

@sophia you're welcome! Sent you five pounds to encourage you to keep up the work! Enjoy!

@sophia *starts playing 🎶 Garbage — Use Me 🎶 in the background*

@sophia by the way: a lot of people don't know, that proper attribution also means providing a link to the Lisence so that people, that see the republished content can also see it.

Also a lot of people need to know, that you need to check end user agreements before posting stuff, because some networks enforce cpecific licenses while others won't comply with any lisence (facebook).

@betalars I'm personally not too bothered about strict enforcement. Just the loose outline of the terms is what I usually tell people. There aren't many who'll push it

@sophia Yeah I became a little bit more strict, because of a network, that is forcing artists to use a specific lisence, but still publishing to facebook and twitter while not even making proper attribution by linking the lisence and so on.

Reason being: I don't want my name to appear on some services so I make some of my work CC0. But They just told me if I don't want my name to be published to fb i may leave the plattform.

Also I really need to find a good way to make this stop.

@betalars that's an absolutely terrible way to handle artists work, what the fuck 😕 we should be able to have control of the dissemination of our work

@sophia I know ... unfortunately, it's really a great plattform in general and I'd like to find a positive solution and not get into legal fights or anything.

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