It's Warm Home Discount Scheme time!
If you're in the UK, on a low income and in receipt of certain benefits, you could qualify for £140 off your energy bills if your supplier has adopted the scheme.
Check your suppliers website or go here for details °



Tbh I don't know how successive governments haven't shuttered this scheme given all else they've tried to cut. I yell about it every year to make sure as many know about it as possible, and each year find loads who've been eligible for ages and not known. No one tells you about it.
It can be the difference between being safe and at least somewhat comfortable and not, and as prices continue to rise month on month, it's ever more vital now.


@sophia if it's handled the same way they're doing it here, they're probably banking on as few people being aware of it as possible, and "computer errors" to refuse access to it


@emptyfortress never heard of errors but they definitely rely on people not knowing.


@sophia I just saw the bit about "limited number of discounts", it's its own type of horribleness.


@emptyfortress some only run applications for a short time, others don't have it at all. I've heard of some never getting the quota taken up

Ukpol more than you want to know about WHD 

@emptyfortress @sophia
The scheme is part of the obligations on the "big 6" (now 7?) energy companies. Paid for by them, not the govt. There were other obligations that have been cut (e.g. insulating houses), so you're right about the direction of travel, but they do have to spend their allocated money.
The WHD schemes have a "core" criteria set by the govt and a broader group that the company defines. This 2nd group has been getting tighter over time and the schemes themselves used to be open all year. Now they open later and close earlier.

There are other schemes to help with heating. In Scotland, Home Energy Scotland ( and in Wales, Nest ( Get in touch with those for advice and referrals to help / funds.
(England has an advice line but not much else.)

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