Gen X is just old millennials who don't wanna be in the argument


it's disorienting to see a real take about generations on the TL that isn't like "zoomers were invented by boomer scientists to continue selling those bucket style fishing hats to somebody after they all die off!"

@jackdaw_ruiz it's only because my husband just claimed the mantle so as to be the biggest fence sitter imaginable.
Fair play tho he plays the part well. Doesn't use the Internet beyond using it look things up on Google or to do polling 🙄


i would like to gather up the very-offline partners of some people here, like your husband and Karen's and any other significant other that eschews the weird internet.

and then i'd like to have a roundtable discussion with them where i present slides of our worst memes to get their impressions.

@jackdaw_ruiz @sophia jackdaw hiding the best posts of the day in this reply thread

@zenhob @sophia

the weather on the TL is dreadful and i didn't bring a coat. gonna hide out in the cozy lil' confines of other people's posts until the sun is back out.

@jackdaw_ruiz @zenhob @sophia now, when I present this picture to you, what do you think.

yes, it is a large shirt, isn't it

@jackdaw_ruiz I show them to him proudly and he looks at me very confused and goes back to playing candy crush

@sophia @jackdaw_ruiz I explained turban sage to my husband and my non-online friend this weekend and they both thought it was very funny

@hope oh god it's so bad and because it was on knzk I had to Google it but here is a screenshot

@Pixley @jackdaw_ruiz I think the purest example I have of my husband not getting it is I once had to explain dick butt to him and he did not understand.
"its a dick with a butt"
"ok but why"

He likes the never ending bofas and foss dunks tho

@jackdaw_ruiz @sophia I wish this experiment was really happening and I could get my partner there, because omg

@twistylittlepassages @sophia

print out binders of the best toots to take back to the east coast with you and present them in hardcopy format.

@jackdaw_ruiz @sophia wait, are you saying "our worst memes" = "the best toots"? because, uh

@thegibson @drwho @sophia Thought millennials straddled the y and z line somewhere, not entirely y or z...

@thegibson @drwho @sophia "According to this definition, the oldest millennial is 38 years old and the youngest is, or is turning, 23 years old in 2019."

@seven @drwho @sophia

Yeah, but I find some common ground with Millenials TBH.

I am on the young side of X.

@thegibson @seven @drwho were you very online young? Because seems pretty common for that demographic to have older millennials to identify more with z, and x/boomer to identify with millennials.
I guess ending up exposed to a lot more and quickly so hitting trends associated with newer gens as they emerge, whereas went mainstream slowly.

@sophia @seven @drwho

Was I online young?

as young as I could be.

BBS culture of the late 80's.

I was 12-13.

and I really don't appreciate being lumped in with the Boomers...Gen X was a demarcation though for sure... half fell to tradition, half fell to the new world emerging.

@thegibson @sophia @seven Same here. Made most of my friends (still friends, to this day) on BBSes. Ran a board until the BBS community pretty much vanished in '98.

@drwho @thegibson @sophia I miss the proper BBS scene, it's definitely not what it used to be. I don't miss paying by the minute for long distance, just to get a few kb of messages though... Some of the ascii art took like forever as well at 1200...

@thegibson @drwho @sophia I mean, yeah I paid... O_o I mean of courseI paid, it was illegal to not pay so I definitely paid... :P

@thegibson @drwho @sophia My poor neighbors, I dunno that I'll ever earn that karma back...

@drwho @thegibson @sophia Oh they didn't pay, I'm sure they figured out those jokers weren't making calls to bbs lines for hours in the middle of the night... Phreaks scamming calls was like so common then...

@thegibson @seven @drwho I was about 9 for online gaming and forums I think, got some level of identification with either side of millennial

@thegibson @sophia @drwho I mean anyone who's experienced content at 1200 baud knows whats up...

@thegibson @seven @sophia Aye. If not BBSes, x.25 PADs, or the odd UNIX system.

@thegibson @drwho @sophia Yet I also comsume quinoa, and despise white sugar...

@thegibson @drwho @sophia I mean, I'm guilty of making avocado toast, but refuse to pay more than 8 dollars for it anyplace... Particularly if they don't have Trader Joes everything bagel seasoning... I mean, who eats it without that other than monsters..?

Who wants to be a part of that dumb argument? Lol
Edit: added lol in attempt to be less socially awkward

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