Gen X is just old millennials who don't wanna be in the argument


it's disorienting to see a real take about generations on the TL that isn't like "zoomers were invented by boomer scientists to continue selling those bucket style fishing hats to somebody after they all die off!"

@jackdaw_ruiz it's only because my husband just claimed the mantle so as to be the biggest fence sitter imaginable.
Fair play tho he plays the part well. Doesn't use the Internet beyond using it look things up on Google or to do polling 🙄


i would like to gather up the very-offline partners of some people here, like your husband and Karen's and any other significant other that eschews the weird internet.

and then i'd like to have a roundtable discussion with them where i present slides of our worst memes to get their impressions.

@jackdaw_ruiz I show them to him proudly and he looks at me very confused and goes back to playing candy crush

@sophia @jackdaw_ruiz I explained turban sage to my husband and my non-online friend this weekend and they both thought it was very funny


@Pixley @jackdaw_ruiz I think the purest example I have of my husband not getting it is I once had to explain dick butt to him and he did not understand.
"its a dick with a butt"
"ok but why"

He likes the never ending bofas and foss dunks tho

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