Gen X is just old millennials who don't wanna be in the argument

@thegibson @drwho @sophia Thought millennials straddled the y and z line somewhere, not entirely y or z...

@thegibson @drwho @sophia "According to this definition, the oldest millennial is 38 years old and the youngest is, or is turning, 23 years old in 2019."

@seven @drwho @sophia

Yeah, but I find some common ground with Millenials TBH.

I am on the young side of X.

@thegibson @seven @drwho were you very online young? Because seems pretty common for that demographic to have older millennials to identify more with z, and x/boomer to identify with millennials.
I guess ending up exposed to a lot more and quickly so hitting trends associated with newer gens as they emerge, whereas went mainstream slowly.

@sophia @seven @drwho

Was I online young?

as young as I could be.

BBS culture of the late 80's.

I was 12-13.

and I really don't appreciate being lumped in with the Boomers...Gen X was a demarcation though for sure... half fell to tradition, half fell to the new world emerging.


@thegibson @seven @drwho I was about 9 for online gaming and forums I think, got some level of identification with either side of millennial

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