Someone bought a bunny for their kid after spending a while following mine and is now asking for help because of how it's behaving

I have literally spent 6 years loudly telling people DON'T GET A BUNNY like it's literally one of the big social media agendas I have ffs

They are expensive, they die easily, you will probably be at the vet a lot, there's a good chance it hates you, you need two of them unless you're there all the time, it needs a lot of space, it will throw tantrums and eat your house. Bunnies are bigger dickheads than cats, and growing up with 22 cats (my family home was basically a foster centre) I am very aware what assholes cats are

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I wrote a post on keeping bunnies years ago that has talked dozens of people out of getting them after realising they're woefully under prepared, it's used to teach staff in a few of pet shops and a rescue centre.
The thought process was literally just about how cute Tasty Soup is. I am pissed.

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She admitted she's not prepared and didn't know nearly enough, wouldn't have got one if she knew

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This is a brilliant result because it was beginning to sound like a perfect recipe for neglect. It's outside in a hutch alone and she said herself she was concerned she wouldn't have enough time and the kid would get bored.
Being taken back it'll hopefully have a second chance with someone more able and happy to care for it

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@sophia any time someone suggests rabbits, rodents, or exotic animals as "beginner pets" for kids, i die a little inside

@sophia They, a genius : "Clearly all that scaremongering is just a ploy to monopolize all the bun-having"


if only, IF ONLY there were some way she could have known that beforehand. 😩

@jackdaw_ruiz just glad she's been willing to read up and listen instead of leaving a bun to die alone in a hutch, which is what it was sounding like would happen. So glad it'll get another chance at something better.

@sophia Probs. a side-issue to you guys, I know, but "dickheads"? "Arseholes"? We keep 'em in a cage, control their entire environment, we even have 100% veto power over their sexuality - but they're the dickheads for not seeing eye-to-eye with us?!

(Don't mean to hijack the thread; know this isn't the point of your discussion. Just needed to vent. Hope that's cool.)

@sophia Totally fair enough! Have a good one.



@neoncoughh she wanted something her kid could hug


@sophia @neoncoughh WTF even dogs (and they're sometimes as large as humans) do not tend to like hugs.

@lanodan @neoncoughh people have this weird notion that bunnies are docile and just want attention, largely thanks to them being fluffy and used as such in ad campaigns id guess. They are so far from it.
Frustrating thing is I'm so vocal on this, she must have skipped everything I ever said

@sophia *sigh* if you want a rabbit you can hug whenever you want, just get a rabbit stuffed toy

@sophia @neoncoughh I'm starting to think reading Watership Down and signing an "I grok that bunnies really are violent little bastards" should be a prerequisite to bunny adoption (this would have been useful information when my brother won his at the state fair).

@guildencrantz @neoncoughh so many are neglected and mistreated here I'm starting to believe an exotic pets license with a test should be necessary to get them

@sophia @guildencrantz I tell people thinking about a bun: they will destroy everything you love, they are messy, they are expensive, and if they wanna hang out with you, it's usually on the floor. I love my bunnies and I will probably have more throughout my life, but they are NOT EASY PETS. Poor neglected buns :( Wish I could save 'em all.

@neoncoughh @guildencrantz I won't be having them again. I researched a lot and house rabbit societies etc really downplay a lot of how it can be. I've learned a lot, im good at caring for them and I love soup so much, but she's a twat.

@sophia @neoncoughh dear lord. Yes, at that point yes: Licensing is reasonable. In retrospect I'm truly horrified that we got a living animal because my 9-year-old brother was able to get a ping-pong in a floating cup. Of course it's also times like these where I realize my parents were Good People for putting up with that surprise for like a decade.

@sophia 0_0 I must have had some strange bunnies growing up because they loved attention. They would stretch out like scarves and sleep on my chest or shoulder. Never destroyed anything etc.

@sophia Maybe they just really liked me because I would let them play in our huge backyard for half the day supervised. I don't know... I'll be rethinking bunny behavior over the next few days.

@RadioAngel yeah that's really rare, most don't like being off the floor and even the most affectionate usually get a temper quite regularly

@sophia I'm definitely going to consider myself lucky then. Because they were great. If I was outside, twatching them, they would run over, hop up, and stretch out to be petted or take a nap.

@ropetopus @sophia If she's being that serious about it now, then I would say that she's likely to take on the responsibility and stick with it.
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