thanks bro, now I know that linux t-shirts are cultural appropriation and oppression I will go back to windows I GUESS °

I emailed back to say I use arch btw. I'm eagerly awaiting the reply

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@garfiald garf what the fuck did I do in a past life to deserve this lmao

@sophia you must have one of the best inboxes in the world

@sophia sophia i dont thank you enough for oppressing the nerds <3

@sophia @Absolutely_Blakely well, when they undoubtedly request proof I think we all know what video you'll send.

if you learn him/her that you are a nerd, he/she gonna have a heart attack ...

@sophia you're being just immensely polite to that jerk with your careful anonymization.

@gnomon I am but I am big on not encouraging harassment. This guy is getting dunked on relentlessly if I show it and no one deserves their mentions being bombarded. Its anxiety inducing

it remembers me most of people I knew these last months on IRC servers ^^

Btw is it anyone who 's coming from twitter or from the fedi ?


@sophia @gnomon
that's a huge amount of leniency, this place really doesn't deserve you

Wow, definitely needs to lay off the incel subreddits. 🤮
@sophia This seems like a very frustrated person honestly :/

They also forgot freedom zero:
* The freedom to run the program as you wish, for any purpose, including doing thot crimes (freedom 0).

@sophia Never engage with cosmic knobheads like that it enrages them even more if you don't respond I've found in my experience. plus "Cunt" is the wrong response to an Arch user, now if you'd said you use Ubuntu..... 😉

@sophia that’s one frustrated geek right there 🤦🏻‍♂️

@sophia I really wish I could feel so comfortable in an Arch top!

Used to be happy just getting a new Ubuntu top every couple of years; tried an Arch top once, but I found that basically every day some tailors would cluster around me, making adjustments to it?

(But Arch top was more à la mode and made from much lighter cotton, so there's that..)

@sophia oh, so you're a Linux "nerd" huh? name 5 of its kernel modules

lmao, absolutely howling at the utter cheek of this guy

@trickster if we want linux to be accepted then they shouldn't even need to know that stuff. I am guessing you drive a car, do you know how the internal ICE works or the number of parts which your cell-phone has, forget cell-phone just tell me what sort of antennae your mobile has without opening the mobile. That's not really the path we want to take people down. If people wanna learn they will do if they like.

@sophia sorry, all nerds are not such dicks :)

@sophia Would have been nice if you had included the author of that?

As a FOSS (Read Linux) community member for over 20 years I don't care who wears Linux related clothing or for what reason. I'll take FOSS promotion to the world at large in any shape or form be it a Windows user wearing a Fedora tee shirt or, as alluded to in the text, some scantily clad individual wearing an Ubuntu pair of knickers (Is there such a thing?) nobody has the right to say who wears what imo.

@dick_turpin nah, they'll get dunked on to high heaven and it's an email I'd be exposing

@sophia From the tone, I'd say they were used to being "Dunked on" LOL

@sophia @dick_turpin they fucking emailed you? This is just deranged behavior

@sophia @Authoritimmy Shush you, I like email. Even my family knows to email me. LOL

@dick_turpin @sophia email is good and cool, but never email strangers because you are Mad Online™.

Well unless they wrote some shitty article about how it isn't nice to call people boomers and you needed to send them an email from a burner account that says"Ok Boomer" and has the PBR dog attached. Not that I would know anything about doing something like that

@sophia Pff don't listen to him. He doesn't deserve the shit you would give to him.

@sophia Lmao! Remember the most oppressed of marginalized people: Geeks!

@sophia I hate it when attractive women know how to use computers, it oppresses me, the straight white male nerd

@sophia What a weird message to send to an Arch user.

@sophia if you see this, anonymous Linux man, my response is: "ok techbro"

Not kidding, I just cackled loudly enough to get funny looks in Costa when I saw this on Instagram.

@sophia How dare you use FOSS as an accessory. I use Arch btw.
Sent my from Arch System.

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