Some practice with black and white this morning. Running water is really interesting but not necessarily the easiest, nor getting it quite right for freckles. Came out well though (implied nudity, portraits)

Like I genuinely hate it. I started on 35mm b/w almost exclusively and digital just doesn't compare to how fascinating things turn out on film when it's stripped of colour.

In film it has a depth that's just not there in digital

@sophia just curious, i had a friend who was real into that and its cool

@Moonybun yeah I'm not so into it, I find well composed under exposures really cool though

@sophia I have to wonder what it is that makes the qualitative difference, too. It's like, somehow, more analog mediums add a little quality that are stripped away with the higher-fidelity digital. Like vinyl vs mp3.

@sophia I could see either of these shots being part of an art gallery though, honestly

@sophia Very hot take: 35mm black and white film gives everything film noir vibes. Black and white digital gives "the colours probably came out wrong" vibes

@sophia yeah, there is something special about black and white film. I never got deep into it but there are so many things you can do by combining different stocks and filters.

Nothing will ever top the few rolls of 35mm infrared black and white film I shot and processed myself!

@sophia I find it has its own charm, but it's def a different medium

I would strongly guess that this is (mostly?) a matter of frequency response.
(some discussion here

A b/w silver-halide film will have a some kinda frequency sensitivity that I haven't been able to find any charts of, spanning the entire visible range and a bit beyond on either end.

Whereas every digital camera I've ever seen had three sensors, each with their own much narrower sensitivity curves (although they do typically extend into ultraviolet), and when you set it to "B/W" it does some kinda averaging function; so the final response would be three sharp peaks instead of whatever "nicer" curve modern silver halide gives.

@DMN yeah I've heard that before, among other reasons. The end result is the same regardless; b/w on digital is ass.

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