People keep saying the "moon landing" is real.
To those people I say liar!
You can't just invent the "moon" and expect everyone to believe in it. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest this "moon" is real. We're not fools.

@sophia The former UN general secretary, Ban Ki-moon, strongly disagrees.

@sophia i have many feelings for the moon, and i wouldn't simply call those feelings "horny"!

@sophia I know this is just an ironic shitpost, but there are people who genuinely believe the moon isn't real.

@Sylvhem @InvaderXan yep. As someone else said, some flat earthers think it's a projection

@sophia Did… Did they actually *looked* at the moon? Like with a telescope or something (●__●)?


moon deniers 

@sophia @Sylvhem
One example of this was on a daytime TV thing I saw one time. You know, one of those "debates" where they get a crank to talk to a scientist, as if their views are somehow deserving of equal weight.

Anyway, the crank was a moon landing denier. When asked what exactly he meant when he suggested the moon wasn't real, he just said "the moon is a luminary" as if that explained things perfectly and suddenly everything made sense.

It wasn't brought up again. Probably no one had the energy to bother with that nonsense.

@Sylvhem I had the same reaction. But it's true. And no, I don't understand it either.

@sophia @InvaderXan I don't understand. The bible clearly mentions the moon. How could it not exist?

@sophia if the moon isn't real how did US astronauts bring centerfolds to it

@sophia the moon is real. People on the other hand... "I think therefore I am," that's all the proof I need.

@sophia Everybody knows the moon is just the same bulb used for the sun, but with the dimmer turned down.

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