Thing is with giving artists unsolicited critique on their work is you have no idea the motivation behind their doing it and no idea what their desired outcome is.

Whatever you think they could have done to improve on it is often going to be wrong, even if you believe it's correct. Rarely are views and motivations on art going to align, and by giving unsolicited advice on how it could be done "better" you're just straight up being a dick.

If you're going to give me *technical* critique, not just aesthetic, then understand that you are automatically wrong anyway because my camera settings are a clusterfuck and I'm winging it. You'd be better off telling me to throw the camera into a pond :blobshrug:

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@sophia Hmmm i have different opinions on feedback but then again I always ask for it when I post something so this still kind of applies. ^^


@betalars yeah, there is a huge difference between critique that's asked for and this. If you want feedback then it's a good thing.

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