A heads up that if you run a crossposter with twitter, make sure you turn off having boosts posted to twitter.
There's a lot of people who won't appreciate having their content reposted there without asking. Some do this automatically so be careful to check your settings.

@sophia Just for my own peace of mind, I've also added the filter "RT @" to my own timeline. Y'all do you, but too much birdsite content can carry the kind of negativity, Mastodon gave me a reprieve from in the first place. Just in general, please add CWs to potentially upsetting subjects, e.g. the pandemic, Ukraine, late-stage capitalism, etc.

@glennseto yeah I've got it filtered out too. I'm not here to read twitter, I'm here not to

@sophia wait is that a thing some of them do???? is there any way to tell if any of my stuff got reposte dto twitter and get it off of there??

@Hearth look up your username and instance on twitter and ask anyone that did it I guess.

@sophia how would you even find it though, and can you even do that wihtout having a twitter account?

@Hearth search function on twitter. I've no idea if you can get access without being a user.

@sophia alright, thank you. sorry to bother you, we hadn't realized that was a thing that was happening and got a little ...not panicked but that's the bst word i can think of for it

@Hearth it's been overlooked as an issue in crossposters for a while

@Hearth @sophia the twitter landing page makes it look like you can't do much without an account but if you go to from the address bar you can do searches, the menu button to the right of the search bar gives you access to the advanced search query builder

@Hearth @sophia I saw a post from an admin today (don't remember who exactly) saying that they periodically search for instance names in our corner of fedi (monads, hellsite, maybe elekk or redroom) and then suspend anyone whose crossposter is sharing boosts of folks who never consented to having their shit posted on Twitter. And that's another reason to make sure you aren't doing it if you want to keep interacting with cool people on here

@robotcarsley @Hearth yeah that was inspired by my pointing it out I think. I do the same and request they stop. Block from gk if they don't

@sophia I think the boosters isn't working, so boosts will not cross post. Only original posts to Mastodon. At least, none of the people I have boosted have ended up on Twitter. Has this been fixed yet?

@weirdwriter it's a feature not a bug. Some crossposters do this by design, yours might not

@sophia also consider turning off retweets -> masto, it usually looks really ugly and i'm always hesitent to boost those

@sophia Also, if you're cross-posting from Twitter, take note that if you use @ names they won't work on Mastodon

imho any at-mention from twitter to Fediverse should be suffixed with '' so it's clear it's not a Fediverse account, and to prevent mis-mentioning someone on your instance who happens to have the same handle.

@FiXato @sophia I agree. The problem comes up when people use an app to auto-send their twitter tweets to Mastodon, and these services don't add the ''

@sophia thanks for that. I just checked to make sure my boosts don't show up there

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