Be aware that there have been scrapers on the fedi in the past and will absolutely be again. Think about the privacy options you use when you post.

Don't assume that because a lot of fedi users you're encountering are kind, that there aren't still bad actors out there.

On twitter if you delete everything you're not likely to encounter much of it again. On here it doesn't necessarily go away. Other instances may even still have copies of those posts their users can see. And that's before anyone trying to archive the place.

Oh and this is related too I guess. Some users repost content they boost on here to their twitter accounts automatically

@sophia I'd say going out with the base assumption everything not follower only is most definitely public and known to everyone possibly into the far future even if deleted is reasonable, I did the same on Twitter. Follower only is... at least safe-er, if combined with AUTHORIZED_FETCH and assuming none of your followers or their instances are bad actors, I think. Still, think before you type is a sensible starting point online, boring as it is.

@sophia I've always gone into the internet in general expecting that everything I am saying is at least being read by someone that I would rather not see it. I want to be genuine while still protecting myself and those I care about. Part of that comes from being old and growing up in the early internet when you were told to never tell anyone anything about you.

@sophia There's also the issue where if someone buys an old domain of a dead instance and reactivates it, that they apparently can recapture some of the posts and content. I think this happened with but it wasn't intentional. I could be wrong, though, and I kind of hope that I am.

@breakfastgolem I know it was theorised at one point, but we were told early on to suspend any dead instances incase it did so I wouldn't have seen it I guess

@breakfastgolem @sophia they wouldn't have old keys, I'm not sure it would work with authorization and stuff

@sophia Regarding archiving important thing to know is that the stalker collective archive-org wayback machine started mirroring every single public tweet for a while now. You need to send them an email to disable that for your account.

@sophia @pl they're such a creepy cult masquerading as a public good can confirm, there are some real bastards on here. Pretty sure every one I know that's used fedi long term has gotten burned

@cantinto I'm still here without a problem but I did take a step back on posting for a while

@sophia you mean scraping bots or user portraying as good actors while running scraping software?

@sophia ugh, somehow case #2 disgusts me the most. That’s sad :/

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