If you are new to the fedi and not finding it the community driven space you were made to feel it would be where you can know your mods and the people around you: get off mastodon social or mastodon online.

For a lot of you, one of those will have been your landing point here. They each have an *enormous* number of users and moderation teams that struggles to keep up. They also don't have blocklists that are as complete as others.

Smaller instances are a very different experience to that.

On smaller instances you find a smaller federated and local timeline where you can recognise users and get to know people more easily.

You can find other instances at
You can move your account and followers, save your follows and block lists from import/export and take them with you

I know you don't want to have to go around making other accounts but it is worth it. It is very worth it. Especially if you're not impressed or thinking of giving it up.

A lot of people, myself included, used to recommend dot social and online a general purpose instance where it feels more like twitter with the numbers etc. Those numbers have caused problems and what a lot of us used to know it as, the reason it was recommended by a lot of us, it isn't that anymore.

Don't expect the shitposters to disappear from the fedi tl though, so we're here to stay :nc_face:

@sophia its the difference between a local dive with clean toilets and the hip, hot new nightclub

i'll take another warm beer please

@sophia Finding a medium sized topic focused instance is the holy grail, I think. Somewhere like that's big enough for conversation, but doesn't go far off topic is such a nice break.

@VJ being on a small instance I had control of was just right for me, and an option a lot of people don't realise they have. A handful of active users who are friends, all mods so they can help carve it out, and after a while we federated well enough to make it just right

@sophia I thought about setting up my own instance, but it looks like a lot of effort for a marginal gain over joining an already well moderated active instance like .art, maybe I got lucky, but I made friends there pretty quickly & it's the best moderated and behaved community I've ever been a part of! Although I'm still thinking of setting up my own instance, just 'because I can'.

@VJ im big on the owning your own space thing, so it works for me. You need to be very active though because you start with only the followers and follows you have, and have to interact and work at it to federate beyond it. Somewhere you know and trust the mods, or feel aligned with them, that's just right for most people I think. Especially if you're on an instance where the community and you gel


@sophia we wouldn't want to lose the admin who uses the announcement feature to post "You lost the game" 🥰


@deadwitchflying haha I'm such an ass

The email feature is great for that too

@deadwitchflying you don't get to do it after you make them mods though 😔

@sophia I wanna be running my own instance just to prank my users 😔

@deadwitchflying it's a bit of a slow start when you go it alone unless you bring active users with you, it's not for everyone. A well federated instance where you can trust your mods is the best bet for most people

@sophia I'm considering it, but it's definitely not happening right now, I don't have the time or the energy to run an instance on my own :blob_cat_oh_no:

@sophia *other platforms are available 😉

I recommend for new users.

For some reason, everyone thinks of Mastodon when they think of the fediverse, but there’s plenty of different platforms out there, including some specific ones for specific media (Peertube, Pixelfed).

@sophia Side note: glitterkitten is my new favourite thing. ❤️

@sophia Great thread. Regarding moving, it’s also worth knowing that different instances have different post size limits and archival of media, and also checking out the community guidelines before joining. If people are stuck where to jump to, have a look at the instances that consistently show up in the people you’re following or boosting, or look for locale/language/geographically based ones. It’s also a good idea to look for ones which are stable, and committed to longevity. #feditips

@sophia We're not on the list yet at, but is also open to new people. 🙂

@sophia Moving accounts is a little tricky right now, because there's a bug in the process that only got fixed in the latest Mastodon release (3.5.2, May 3). I'd love to migrate my followers with me, but the instances I'm looking at are still on 3.5.1 and *checks thread* overwhelmed with new users.

@sophia Also, the moderation teams of those two instances are just Gargron now.

@Sylvhem I only just found this out and it explains a lot. That's too much for one person. Far too much

@sophia Here, with two people for 2,500 users, we are starting to feel overwhelmed.

@sophia @Sylvhem that just feels... Irresponsible. (I mean I know it's hard to find good moderators, but having moderated a challenging community of ~2000 people for over a year solo — I don't do that anymore — it does a disservice to everyone, *including* the mod(s) to have such a small team. The emotional labour alone 😳... Anyway I'm sure I'm preaching to the converted or whatever.)

@mattcen @sophia @Sylvhem i heard stories about gargron having had moderators for his two instances, but they all left due to having too much work and no/barely any recognition or compensation (gargron gets in €7k/month from the patreon alone, plus extra corporate sponsor money ( yes they look sketchy as hell), and gave none of it to the moderators)

@sys64738 @mattcen @sophia This wouldn’t be a problem if there was a clear separation between the Mastodon Project and Gargron himself 🙃.

@sophia Totally agree. I was lucky I started on smallish instances. Both folded (pour one out for and so I moved to m.s. for the stability. By then though, I already had a cozy group of friends.

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