I've been giving :fedora: :tux: a try and I quite like it

@sophia I’ve been trying to avoid reading more praise of it, because my current install is running so well right now. But that Fedora update looks so good. 😬

@sophia Fedora is clean, relatively simple to setup. And completely open source without commercial intent.

@mvanderheide I'm still very debian focused but it seems nice. Clean is a good way to put it

@sophia I've got :fedora: #Fedora36 #LXQt on my laptop, with the bottom panel moved to the top right and made it into a "dock". I still need to move the window buttons to the left, but replaced 'openbox' with 'xfwm4' 😎👍

:ablobcatattention: I'm loving it :ablobcatattentionreverse:

@sophia i used Fedora and CentOS as Red Hat-alikes for years at work. now that I've switched careers it's super weird to
realize that I haven't touched them even once for the better part of a decade.
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