These two got on along surprisingly well when Casserole was young. Corporal Nobbs would snuggle up with him in the evenings.

A bit of treeposting because there's not a whole lot else to photograph when you live in a forest.
Bonus portrait of hot husband

What is going on? Who knows? Certainly not Pieface

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My greatest work of art. My masterpiece. My glory.

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Before Wednesday I had a rottweiler called Pieface. Immediately on joining our home she met the two bunnies, Soup and Casserole, and basically decided they were her pups.

Her entire life here was spent protecting and looking out for them at every opportunity. For some reason the bunnies went along with this

Misc. pretty flowers (there's some bugs too)

Sorting through some pics so may as well share some

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We sparkle.