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toast! in other news, got a new futon cover and it no longer looks awful lmao

@nsmckinnon don’t let this placid-looking goofus fool you, he will absolutely JAVELIN himself into the air after a thrown ball

he was always tough competition but now he’s just kicking our asses

folks, I present to you the face of athletic triumph and dominance in the McKinnon household

@sophia ob the internet it's always Friday, somewhere

why is there a dog jumping on my face, I don't deserve this Β·

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hate to brag, but i could easily dunk a basketball if i had way more size and athleticism

A Sesame St. Spoof of "Rear Window" would actually make a lot of sense. Sadly, they never did one.

But according to the Wiki, they've done other Hitchcock spoofs. This screenshot right here is amazing.

why would you memorize more pi digits than 3.14 when your brain has finite capacity to retain more valuable information, such as the entirety of self agency's wikipedia page

To get horny or go to sleep
Decisions are hard

I'd like to take a moment to pay some respect and admiration to our Lord and saviour, Richard M Stallman. Many thank's.

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sparkle sparkle, bitches