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whoever came up with the whole mistletoe thing was def into feet

my best memory about laser is when he rose from the dead like masto jesus but even grander than the lesser jesus because he came back having magicked a whole baby from thin air

nsfw shitpost 

when u get reimbursed for a faulty hitachi magic wand

that’s a vibe cheque

I just saw that switter registrations are closed :/

Any idea of another instance to redirect users who need to post content containing nudity or pornography on public timelines?

here you thank you to the fediverse community for being fweaking epic this past year and a half... (listen all the way through)

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So I just get to write stuff on here and no one abuses my entire family as a result of which the platform suspends MY account? What sorcery is this.

More seriously though Sophia, they/them. Mostly here to dunk on foss bros and post my tits, nonsense, and ducks.

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It's #epic that Twitter Jack followed us and then immediately got a front row seat to Mastodon beating the absolute shit out of Twitter India's garbage moderation fumbles.

@amsomniac @sophia

phishing is when you have criticisms of society and yet you live in society

Phishing is when you say you're gonna put some death metal on and play slipknot instead

a phishing scam is when your friend tells you that stoner jam bands who write 25 minute songs are actually good

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sparkle sparkle, bitches