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Wednesday has realised there is a hot water bottle that's been put in her bed and is now occupied for the day °

Could someone stick a Santa hat on my avatar please? Will pay in clout

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You can get Christmas themed Jeremy Corbyn mankinis now?? Labour are really going all out this election

I have discovered the game 'Draw Something' and have basically been drawing pictures of dicks for the last week. I'm surprised I haven't been banned yet (drawn nudity)

Wednesday was happy at the ducks today. I took a blanket she could stand on, booties were a definite flop, they don't stay on. A lot of wandering about, and a friend from twitter joined me which was really nice. Lots of chirpy Robins coming in close!

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Good news! Soup is basically better now.
Bad news however is I look like I've been rolling around in barbed wire. Bunnies do not fuck about with their claws.

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