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Drizzly start to the day, the water is high and muddy from last night's rainfall, but all the usual suspects are around. Cormorants sat on a log, ravens keep doing aerial displays above me, and a lot of great tits, coal tits, blue tits and nut hatches hopping about `

if bottoms smashed the state as hard as they smashed their keys, we would have ended capitalism years ago

actually it's only a computer if it's from the Computer region of France. otherwise it's a sparkling calculator

A word that Google Docs thinks is fake is "cleaver" and a word that it sees no problem with is "neighborfucker"

ohhh i'm an italian scientista! i violate-a your privacy!! oh!!

Good morning from this squirrel sitting in a tree with a whole ear of corn

I will never sell your info because nobody wants to buy millions of posts that say shit like "ive boner".

last night my roommate pitched ending conversations by simply saying “good morning.” the idea of doing this rubbed against the very grain of my soul

@sophia I propose the theory that toes, not fingers came first. Let the jury note that our ancestors, apes, have hands for feet! I rest my case.

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sparkle sparkle, bitches