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@sophia looks like you are scouting locations for a video game where you die a lot at the hands of dead eyed food service employees

@knownrobes thank you for the inspiration. I went out to get other stuff too but thinking 'yes! The bridge at night!' has really turned out to be a highlight

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These are just a couple off my phone, fully expect better from the camera

Really struggling today, and this was the plan for this morning but decided to just pass and hope for another foggy day, but think I'll regret it if I don't get something.
I'm hoping to do some town photos in the fog soon. Looks very eerie around here lately and suspect a lot will change in the next few years. Will be good to have interesting pics to look back on to see the difference

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Been inspired by @knownrobes and decided to visit some nice bridges and pylons in the evening fog. I have no idea how I'm going to get on with photos but fingers crossed

mastodon is crumbling, and many blame its users terminal inability to filter their own brians

shitpost, genital mention 

big dick MENERGY: big dick energy, but for MEN

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sparkle sparkle, bitches