It's just occurred to me that I haven't been sent many unsolicited dick pics here at all so well done fediverse, proud of you 🍪

It was like 1 a fucking week on twitter when I was active so this is nice

This feels a bit like celebrating the absolute bare minimum by saying well done for not showing me your dick and yet somehow I am impressed

@meena I've only had 4 I think, in MONTHS. It's amazing

@sophia and what'd you do about them?

like, did you report them?
or tell them to go climb a chicken ladder?

@meena Reported and suspended from gk each time without responding. They want a response so I don't give one

@meena not many users here but at least potentially saves them the same bs!

@sophia @meena so tempted to photoshop up a Dick Cheney followed by a rickroll gif but I actually have no idea how to do that

@sophia dang. I can’t imagine a website where you don’t flirt for several days before asking to show each other’s girl cocks.

Bird site is wild.

@sophia The more distressing thing to me is that this is *something worth applauding* - like, you and plenty of other women get enough of that shit online and yet it's almost expected regardless of the space you're in?
Fucked. Just...what? It speaks to a larger issue with society and male privilege that people think it's just totally OK to send pictures of their nether like "ayyyy how you doin'?" what?
Like, it's depressing that this is impressive because of how other platforms are.

@sophia I'd rather my dick not be part of the internet at all to be honest, the internet never forgets!
But yes, good to hear!

@sophia srsly that is eugh disgusting glad to hear it’s safer over here

@sophia the only nude DM i have gotten on this website was a butt and i very much wanted it so tbqh this website is in the fucking future in terms of that.

@Zoe @sophia oh i am absolutely NOT boosting this, i don't want to be be a vector

@sophia in the future you can a) not get unsolicited bs and b) quickly correct misgendering from your poo brain at 4 am :blobcatgoogly:

@Zoe ty for correcting, ily 🖤 4 am is rough, the brain worms wake up!

Its only a matter of time till I boost this. I've got haters from a Indian right wing instance.

@akash I am not sure what this has to do with dick pics

That's one thing my country is know for. You're being too nice.

@akash it's up there in the league tables but I've had them from others more

@sophia Yeah, looks like push technology is not working well, but you can still use the pull one. ;-)

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